Broadlink RM4 Mini Universal Remote with

Smart Aircon Control

With the Broadlink RM4 Mini Universal Remote, you can control your Home appliances with your mobile phone and support a
variety of appliances such as TVs, set-top boxes, and air conditioners.

Control all IR devices from a smart phone and voice Automate scenes by triggering from sensors. Set time switches for your home appliances according to your living habits, such as turning the air conditioner on/off at regular intervals. If you are not at home, you can also turn home appliances on/off through your mobile phone or check the status of the electrical switch in real time. Use with external Temperature and Humidity sensor to achieve IFTTT, turning on the air conditioner when temperature rises.

RM4 Mini Features:

  • Smart Aircon Control
  • Universal IR control TV, STB, AC, DVD player, AMP…
  • Support Wi-Fi \ 3G \ 4G control
  • Set Timers And Triggers
  • Local IR code for faster response
  • Support external sensor accessory
  • Manual Learning IR code
  • One-Button Match
  • 50000+IR Codes On Cloud
  • Cloud IR Code Update
  • Google Assistant & Alexa Voice Control

*Best used with LDNIO 4.4Amp USB Charger

Integrate seamlessly into your Google home, controlled by Google assistant from your mobile phone or Google mini. Innovating your home to Life Made Easy by controlling your home with your voice commands. You are able to add any other accessories within the Q range to expand your smart home features. It’s Fully upgradable with no investment loss, easy integration and the widest range of products available.

Icasa approved.




  • Infrared Control Range: 6-8m
  • IR Library: 38,000+
  • Operating Indicator: 1 x LED
  • Adaptor Types: No adapter in package – Compatible with all 5V USB adapters
  • Certification: CE, ROSH, FCC ID
  • Dimension (mm/pc): 48x48x43.2
  • G. Weight (g/pc): 60.4


  • Model: RM4 mini
  • Communication Mode: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n(2.4GHz)
  • Operating Environment: RH≤80%,0℃~50℃
  • Power Supply: AC100~240V, AC 50/60Hz
  • Power Input: DC 5V 1A (Micro USB)
  • Infrared Frequency: 38k
  • Infrared Direction: Multi-directions


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