Broadlink RM4 Pro

Your Broadlink RM4 PRO enables voice control over most of your IR and RF remote controlled appliances. The Broadlink RM4 Pro can be controlled via the Google Home app on your Mobile phone. Voice Control Compatible on iPhone IOS & Android Mobile Phones. IoT Smart Home Assistant Broadlink RM4 Pro replaces traditional remote controls. This infrared and RF controller can replace almost all your IR remotes. All in one replacement fully supports major brands, controlling devices including TVs, DVDs, Audio, Air Conditioner, Home Theatres and more. Has its own Broadlink app which is compatible with IFTTT

Voice Control your home from your Phone. IoT Smart Home Assistant and the RM4 Pro Replaces traditional remote controls. This infrared controller can replace all your IR remotes.

The only remote you will ever need that integrates into you smart home.

*Best used with LDNIO 4.4Amp USB Charger

**Requires 2.4 Ghz Wifi with internet.

Compatible with HTS Cable.

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