eWeLink Advanced plan gives you exclusive access to the most powerful features and amazing capabilities on the complete suite of eWeLink apps and services.
You can create more homes and rooms, create as many as 1000 scenes, share any device with more than 100 users, add up to 5 cameras in eWeLink Camera app, link your eWeLink account with IFTTT(licensing from IFTTT is also required over 3 templets), and control your eWeLink devices on your PC/Mac. Moreover, we continue to roll out more incredible new features.
Join Sonoff advanced subscription proven by 20,000+ advanced subscribers, The subscription prices is for a entire year of premium service.


VIP Plan Features

  • eWeLink Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Access to eWeLink Web
  • Works with IFTTT
  • Connect up to 5 eWeLink Camera
  • Up to 10 Homes
  • Up to 200 Rooms
  • Up to 1000 Scenes
  • Up to 200 Groups
  • Sharing Limit of 200 per device

*First come first served. No auto-renewal.


How to use the discount code for eWeLink Advanced Plan
When you get an eWeLink discount code, you can follow these steps to use it — to upgrade your account to an advanced plan.

  •  Visit vip.ewelink.cc and fill in your eWeLink account in a box similar to the following:
    *If you do not have an eWeLink account, please download the eWeLink App and register one first.
  • Enter your eWeLink account and click “Upgrade Now” to jump to the payment page;
    enter the exchange code in the box of “Apply Discount Code” and click “Apply Discount”.
  •  After deducting the corresponding amount of the exchange code, click “Place Order” and
    follow the steps to complete the rest.
  • We will complete the account upgrade within 48 hours. After the upgrade is successful, a
    notification email will be sent to your email address connected to your eWeLink account. You
    can also check account level in the Personal Center of the eWeLink App
  •  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support@ewelink.zendesk.com

You will receive your code from us within 24 hours weekdays. You can also drop us a Whatsapp on O713128668 if you have not received your code.



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