Are you concerned about the possibility of your inverter batteries running out during load shedding? The Load Shedder can help alleviate this frustration. It is a smart power detector that automatically turns off appliances such as pool pumps, geysers, and other automated devices when load shedding occurs, thereby extending your battery life and reducing cycles with lower loads. The Load Shedder is a high-quality product that comes in a Loadshedder box and is only sold by authorized distributors.

The Load Shedder is an easy-to-use inverter add-on that provides load management and monitoring. It is a genuine product that integrates easily with other smart home platforms such as Google and Alexa compatible and can be used with all inverters.

The Load Shedder is a complete system that includes the Sonoff Smart Geyser timer with power control, Sonoff Smart Pool Timer, and Sonoff Device (LoadShedder). It also includes a Finder Monitoring Relay, Finder Din Base Relay Holder, Loadshedder Pilot Light, and Communication cable identifiers. The kit comes with a wiring diagram with instructions and digital installation video links and scene trigger configuration videos.

Please note that the assembly and installation of this product require a qualified electrician or solar installer. It is also essential to have a good Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and internet connection.

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