The difference with the Sonoff PIR2 RF motion sensor is that the PIR3-RF has a small and compact size, and can easily be moved and placed ideally to detect movement.

Sonoff PIR3-RF motion sensor can detect and report motion. When incorporated into your smart lifestyle, the sensor triggers your lights on or off after connecting with Sonoff RF Bridge.
PIR3-RF has 2 working modes that alert and normal mode. In the alert mode, the sensor is triggered per 5s when someone enters the detection range. In the normal mode, the next alert trigger is activated if there is no motion detected within 1min after the previous detection.



  • Detect movement within 8M and help identify whether a human or pet is moving around inside your house.
  • Your mobile phone can receive alert notifications.
  • Connect Sonoff camera and you can view who the intruder is.
  • Smart Scenes can be set for example to turn the hallway light on when you enter the door.




Icasa approved.

ICASA Sonoff Africa




  • RF: 433MHz
  • Detection Distance: <=8m (Indoor Space)
  • Detection Angle: 100 Degrees
  • Power Supply: 3v button cell (Battery Model: CR2450)
  • Material: PC V0
Weight0,01 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm




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