Sonoff Zigbee Presence Sensor SNZB-06P

Sonoff Zigbee SNZB 06P, Illuminate your space intelligently with the SNZB 06P. A revolutionary presence detection device that goes beyond the ordinary. Utilizing advanced 5.8GHz microwave radar technology, furthermore it detects movement or stationary individuals, seamlessly turning on lights upon approach as well as ensuring they stay lit until you leave.

Key Features:

Presence Detection: In addition the presences censor is powered by 5.8GHz microwave radar, the SNZB-06P can detect movement or stationary individuals. Lights automatically turn on as you approach and stay illuminated until you depart.

Light Sensing: The built-in light detector ensures that lights activate only in the dark when presence is detected, furthermore contributing to energy conservation.

Local Smart Scene: Additionally execute scene linkages between Zigbee devices even without an internet connection, thus providing reliability and convenience.

Support Multiple Platforms: Compatible with a variety of platforms such as Alexa, Google Home, Smartthings, Alice, IFTTT, and Home Assistant. Enjoy the flexibility in your smart home ecosystem.

Zigbee 3.0 Compatible: Seamlessly integrates with Zigbee hubs using the Zigbee 3.0 protocol.

***Requires either of these devices SONOFF NSPanel Pro or SONOFF ZB Bridge Pro.

Unlock a new era of smart lighting with the SNZB 06P, a versatile and intelligent addition to your home.


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Weight0,25 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm




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