Sonoff Zigbee Button is a mini and exquisite ZigBee wireless smart switch that allows you to link Zigbee devices with Wi-Fi devices.

The button switch is customisable with three control options – single, double press and long press, so you can easily, program routines and actions as simple as you require.
It’s so much easier to pair it with multiple connected devices that you want to manage, just tap on the APP to get all devices paired. The brilliance of the button lies in its mobility, you can strategically place it or move it around your house to where it will be most helpful. Then create a smart scene to make it work for you based on different button actions that you customised. Two-way control is even available for you to turn lights on/off from two locations.

The button is battery-operated and your mobile phone will receive a low-battery notification when the remaining battery level is less than 10%.


*Note: Requires a wifi-to-zigbee hub to work * Please purchase the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge
** Batteries Not Included

Icasa approved.

ICASA Sonoff Africa






  • Battery: 3V(CR2450);
  • Wireless protocol: Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4);
  • Material: PC;
  • Dimension: 43X43X16mm


Weight0,01 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm




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