New Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro

Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro is the updated Zigbee bridge with newly added features which enable you to manage up to 128 sub-devices, enable smart home security with easy arm and disarm as well as manage scenes locally.

Plug-in devices can act as Zigbee routers to extend the network range.

You can customize 3 modes by setting different arming devices. The local smart scene always works well even when Wi-Fi is disconnected.
Built-in high-precision local RTC, a short power outage will not affect the time synchronization. Time schedule can return work once power restoration.
Note that the local scene is for Zigbee devices only.



  • Supports adding up to 128 sub-devices- Zigbee Bridge Pro supports adding sub-devices increased from 32 to 128.
  • Smart Home Security- Set up home security modes, such as home mode, away mode, and sleep mode. The bridge can be used as a local alarm.
  • Local Smart Scene- Timing and scene linkage between Zigbee devices can be executed normally even if the network is disconnected.
  • Wi-Fi & Zigbee Dual-protocol Support- Make communication between Zigbee devices and WiFi devices.
  • Strong Connectivity, Limitless Possibility- The Bridge supports to add ZigBee devices that Sonoff has released,  making your home smarter.




  • Model: ZB Bridge-P
  • Input: 5v 1A
  • Wireless connections: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHZ, Zigbee 3.0
  • Working environment: -10ºC-40ºC
  • Material: PC V0
  • Weight: 35g
  • Dimension: 62x62x20mm
Weight0,035 kg
Dimensions6,2 × 6,2 × 2 cm




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