We offer a range of bespoke service packages that cater for all elements of your home. Our top to bottom approach allows any element of your home to be automated for one set price, using a range of products and brands. 

Monitor and manage all elements of your home security using wifi and an app on your mobile device. View your indoor and outdoor cameras and see clearly even at night. 

You can check up on door and window motion sensors to monitor if there is any suspicious movement taking place. Additionally, your alarm system can be monitored, armed and disarmed using one convenient app on your mobile device. 

Smart Security Brands

With our range of smart networking solutions you are able to experience high speed connectivity throughout your property. Using a wireless distribution system you can extend your WiFi hotspots as far as you need without having to use any cabling. 

You can also monitor various elements of your network wirelessly and remotely.

Smart Network Brands

Experience the best in home sound quality that is combined with software that allows you to effortlessly control every aspect of your audio experience using your mobile device. 

We then combine these elements with exceptional lighting and visual experiences to take your home entertainment to the next level. We ensure the sound we provide is not only appealing to the ears, but also blends into your home decor seamlessly.

Smart Audio & Visual Brands

We combine various sound, visual, decorative, and seating elements to bring you a fully custom home cinema experience. The systems we build allow you to experience a world class cinema experience directly from your home.

Additionally, our cinemas are fully automated so you can control your lighting, audio, and visual elements using a central device and software.

Home Theater Brands

Our range of smart home products and software allows you to control almost every element of your home remotely on your mobile phone. Our smart home solutions allow you to control energy usage, appliances, lighting, security systems, and so much more. 

Smart Home Solutions

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